AGV Toolbox

To support these consultancy activities, FESTA uses the Festa AGV Toolbox, as well as Festa Engine/Jukebox, containing:

Festa AGV Floor Plan Tool

This tool specializes in the fast definition and generation of floor plans for AGVs. These floor plans are both input to the actual vehicles (so that they exactly know which trajectories to drive) and to the AGV Management System to determine the shortest/fastest routes for AGVs to drive, including the supply of data for the AGV space claim/release algorithms.

Festa AGV Simulator

The AGV Simulator allows the simulation of a certain AGV System Runtime Configuration. Such a configuration is a combination of a Floor Plan, AGV Management System algorithm settings, AGV Vehicle setup (mainly number of deployed vehicles) and Order Profile. The simulation is typically performed faster-than-real-time.

Festa AGV Management System

The AGV Management System contains all necessary functionality, algorithms, and statistics to perform the simulations.

Festa Engine/Jukebox

Festa Engine/Jukebox is a development framework engine, that leverages the model driven architecture principle with a custom domain specific language into generated code. By doing so, up to 80% of the code for a typical administrative web-based application is generated automatically.


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